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Toe Washer
  • Toe Washer

Toe Washer



This long handled toe washer and dryer is made from plastic covered galvanised wire.


Helps people who have limited access to their feet take care of their toes.
Ideal for people who have arthritis, hip replacements and diabetes.
A long stem with a plastic built-up handle and a flat wire frame covered in a white towelling pad for washing between the toes.
It consists of a long rod with a PVC handgrip at one end.
The flat wire frame at the other end is covered in a removable white towelling pad.
It is designed to assist washing or drying between the toes with minimal bending. For easy washing or drying of toes & in-between for those with limited bending
Long handle with removable white towelling at the end
The Long Handled Toe Washer is a simple, personal hygiene aid that helps people who may have difficulty bending to clean easily and effectively between the toes.
It comprises a wire frame over which is stretched a towelling pad that is soft and comfortable in use.
This wire frame can be bent to shape to suit the user.


Two pads included as standard
Length: 710mm (28")
Plastic built-up handle for easier grip
Replacement wash pads are available in a twin pack.

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