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Naps - Suprem Fit Maxi Med
  • Naps - Suprem Fit Maxi Med

Naps - Suprem Fit Maxi Med




Lille Suprem Fit are all-in-one briefs that offer an effective solution for moderate to heavy incontinence. Lille Suprem Fit are particularly suitable for faecal incontinence.


With a high level of absorption, the breathable SupremFit all-in-ones provide the user with anti-leakage security and optimal comfort.
Lille Air System - features back sheet of layers of non-woven fabric and a central part that is fully waterproof and made of breathable material.
Odour control - new generation super absorbent polymer
Stay dry non-woven top layer for effective dryness
Breathable and hypoallergenic to maximise skin integrity
Wetness indicator turns blue in contact with urine and indicates when the pad should be changed for maximum comfort


Absorbency type: Maxi
Description: Medium
Size cm: 80-130
Absorbency ml: 3370
Case Size: 4x20=80 pads

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