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Stick Unifoot 19mm
  • Stick Unifoot 19mm

Stick Unifoot 19mm



Unifoot is the mobility aid that makes walking sticks and crutches easier and safer to use.


A multi-terrain sure grip foot to suit canes, walking sticks and crutches. Allows canes to stand without holding.
This ingeniously designed base is perfect for the person who requires more stability than a walking stick alone can provide. Ideal for those with balance problems or for use in wet weather or rough terrain.
Four-point contact is maintained with the ground throughout the full range of movement to reduce impact and increase stability on any surface, including slopes
Platform enables cane to stand up unaided
Specially reinforced crossbars provide excellent strength and durability
Non-slip, durable pads
Extra-wear pad underneath in centre for added safety on uneven surfaces
Unifoot's unique patented design is based on a flexible rubber ankle that attaches a small, lightweight platform to the stick, allowing it to stand unaided.


Lightweight - only 94 grams (3.3 oz)
Size: 120 x 90 mm (4.7 x 3.5 inches)
19 mm Unifoot fits walking stick up to 7 cm (3 inch) circumference
Weight limitation 100 kg (220 lb, 15.8 stone)
One year warranty
ISO safety standard BS EN ISO 11334-4:1999

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