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Stick Crook Handle Black
  • Stick Crook Handle Black

Stick Crook Handle Black




Crook handle, height adjustable, aluminium walking stick with Unifoot.


Four-point contact is maintained with the ground throughout the full range of movement to reduce impact and increase stability on any surface, including slopes.
Flexible ankle allows four feet to maintain contact with ground at all times
Platform enables cane to stand up unaided
Specially reinforced cross bars provide excellent strength and durability
Non-slip, durable pads
Extra-wear pad underneath in centre for added safety on uneven surfaces
Weight distributed over four feet means less jarring


Weight limitation: 100 kg (220 lb, 15.8 stone)
Adjustable range: 79 - 102 cm (31 - 40.2 inches)
Adjusts in 25 mm (1 inch) increments
Lightweight - only 94 grams (3.3 oz)
Size: 120 x 90 mm (4.7 x 3.5 inches)
16 mm Unifoot fits walking stick up to 6.5 cm (2.5 inch) circumference
19 mm Unifoot fits walking stick up to 7 cm (3 inch) circumference
Weight limitation 100 kg (220 lb, 15.8 stone)
Also fits crutches
Comfortable foam grip
Colour: Black
Designed and made in New Zealand, Unifoot has been tested to ISO safety standard BS EN ISO 11334-4:199940302.

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