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Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter - MMS-S940A-SV
  • Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter - MMS-S940A-SV

Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter - MMS-S940A-SV




Brand new sporty streamline design.


Offers full suspension and shock absorbers for a smooth and comfortable ride, as well as fully adjustable steering column, seat and arm rests.
The automatic safety turning controller sensor reduces the speed of the scooter when turning for improved safety
With a modern LED lighting system including indicators, headlights, tail lights and a LCD dashboard displaying battery gauge, usage hours, maintenance messages and temperature; this scooter puts safety first while still being efficient and stylish.
It offers longer drive range than ever before with a 100ah battery pack that is fully rechargeable with a 8A off board charger.
Strong, light-weight alloy aluminum frame
Electromagnetic brake
Independent suspension and shock absorbers on all four wheels
Storage compartment under dashboard display
Brand new sporty streamline design
Height adjustable seat and steering column for maximum user comfort
Suitable for outdoor use
Modern LED lighting system including headlights, tail lights and indicators
Digital LCD dashboard display
Automatic safety turning half speed sensor
Wide wheelbase for extra stability and safety
Fully adjustable armrests
Comes with comprehensive user manual


Weight capacity-204kg MAX.
Max speed-15km/h
Turn radius-210cm
Ground clearance-13cm
Motor-DC 24V, 650W rating / 2200W max
Controller-PG S-Drive 140 / Rhino 2 160A
Battery-12V / 100AH x 2 power supply
Charger-8A off-board
Front wheel-14” pneumatic tire
Rear wheel-16” pneumatic tire 18
Brake-Intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic
Colours available-Silver
Dimensions: 154x 145.5 x 72 cm
Total Weight Without Batteries: 102 kg
Battery Weight: 30 kg
Total Weight: 176 Kg
Base Weight: 84 Kg
Two 12 Volt 100AH battery pack with off board charger

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