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The Carbar
  • The Carbar

The Carbar




Getting in and out of the car is so much easier with the Handybar!

An extra handle when you need it

The Handybar acts as an extra handle which slots into the striker plate inside your car door. You can then put your weight on it to make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. It can be used by both the driver and passengers.

It's perfect for anyone who needs a little extra support getting out of the car safely and securely.

It can be particularly helpful for the elderly, people with injuries or physical challenges, as well as expectant mums.

Strong and durable

Made of forged steel with corrosion-resistant plating, the Handybar is strong and durable with a weight capacity of 158kg.

Its thermoplastic rubber handle also makes it comfortable to use.

Easy to store

At 22.9cm long and with a weight of just 320g, the Handybar is lightweight and compact for easy storage in a bag or car glove box.

Versatile and practical

The precisely shaped nose of the Handybar locks it securely into position with little effort, and enables it to be removed just as easily.

Valuable in an emergency

If you're in an emergency situation in your vehicle, the Handybar is an ideal tool to have nearby.

Its steel nose can be used to break a window, and it has a stainless steel blade in the handle that can be used to cut a seat belt.


Weight: 0.32 kg
Length: 22.9 cm
Weight Capacity: 158 kg.
Made from forged steel with corrosion resistant plating
Thermoplastic rubber handle protection

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