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Hand Exerciser - Eggsercizer -Blue
  • Hand Exerciser - Eggsercizer -Blue

Hand Exerciser - Eggsercizer -Blue



Eggsercizer is the world's smallest exercise machine. Colour coded for different strengths.

Ergonomically shaped to fit the contours of the hand, Eggsercizer® Hand Exerciser feels great in the hand. Ideal for fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm. With regular use, the Eggsercizer improves your grip strength, increases dexterity and mobility, helps develop motor skills, and improves circulation.

Designed to meet the needs of orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and exercise physiologists.
Synthetic rubber returns to the original shape upon release, making it great for individual finger and thumb strengthening.
Contoured 'egg' fits the hand comfortably, leaves no messy residue. Colour coding simplifies progressive rehabilitation.

Available in the following strengths (please select when ordering):

  • Extra soft - orange

  • Soft - green

  • Medium - blue

  • Firm - plum

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