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Cleanlet Bidet 300R series Control Panel Attached




Trusted by thousands of Kiwis since 1998, you too can achieve incomparable personal hygiene with the stylish Cleanlet Bidet fitted to your toilet pan. 

The Cleanlet 300R is easy to operate with a wireless remote controller, large buttons for easy use and a side slim key which is available for simple operation. 


  • 3 Temperature settings for wash water and seat
  • 5 settings for water pressure and air dryer
  • 5 settings for nozzle position. 
  • air dryer, deep cleansing, gentle wash, general wash and stop button function

Cleanlet Bidets are made to meet the strict NZ regulations, plumbing and electrical, that related to the electronic bidet.  No extra valves or devices are required to meet NZ regulations.  This is very unique to the Cleanlet Bidets

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