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Linked Chair Raiser 50-100 mm



The Linked Chair Raiser adjusts the height of chairs with legs.


Height adjustment
Provided with inserting blocks to raise the chair.
A system that is linked together is extremely sturdy and can be relied on
A wingnut system and building blocks let the user find a configuration that suits them
Set of four moulded blocks, linked together by slotted straps for added security.
They raise the height of the chair so that it is easier to get up from.
The system is clamped in position with two wing nuts and the height is adjusted by inserting the blocks supplied.


Maximum user weight 500 kg (including furniture).
Raising heights: 50 mm (2"), 75 mm (3") or 100 mm (4")
The height of their chair can be raised by 75, 95 or 114mm (3, 3.75 or 4.5 inches).
Overall width adjustment: 432 x 330mm (17 x 13 inches).

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