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Brolly Sheets Dryer Balls - Clearance Stock




Moves between wet laundry to break up clumps so hot air can circulate, causing clothes to dry more efficiently
Dryer balls are hypoallergenic, chemical free and naturally soften clothes
Reduces dry time by 30-50%.
Leaves clothes soft and static free
Lasts for over 1500 washes


100% densely felted New Zealand wool
Comes with 4 Dryer Balls per pack
Hand felted in Kathmandu
Super Absorbent
Reduces dry time 30-50%
Long lasting over 1500 washes

Instructions For Use:
Place your wet load of laundry in the dryer with the dryer balls. Four balls will be sufficient for most normal loads. More may be used for very heavy loads if required. You can add a drop of essential oil directly onto the balls to naturally scent your laundry.

Use your normal dryer settings reducing the dry time by 20-30% to start. This will vary by type of dryer, how fast your washing cycle spins, types of fabric, and size of load in the dryer.

The balls will feel damp and heavy after the load of laundry has fully dried. This is due to the water they have absorbed from the laundry. Let the balls air dry before the next use.

Some pilling on the surface of the balls is to be expected after use. It does not affect use, but can be removed with a safety razor if you wish

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