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Bidet Coway
  • Bidet Coway

Bidet Coway



The Coway BA08 remote Control Bidet toilet seat is the ultimate personal health and hygiene solution for the whole family.


3 Different Water Stream Widths - There are 3 levels available for water spray mode from a direct spray to a more diffused spray.
AUTO POWER SAVING MODE - The unit goes to power saving mode automatically when it is not in use for 30 min.
Nozzle Position Adjustment - The nozzle position moves back and forth to find exact location to cleanse.
ERGONOMIC SEAT - Seat comfort is optimized with Ergonomic designed seat.
Under sink type - The posterior & feminine wash nozzles are separated to enhance hygiene.
Nano Sliver Ceramic Filter For Water Filtration - MF filter for the water filtration is adapted to prevent skin irritations.
AIR + WATER STREAM - Aerated water cleanses more gentle and softer and enhances cleansing control.
REMOTE CONTROL - The remote control includes LED display to indicate status of function. Can be mounted on the wall or on either the left or right of the bidet.
AUTO CLEANSING - The mode automatically operates the Rear Cleansing function for 1 min. and the Air Dryer function for 2 min.
SEAT LOCKING MODE - The rear cleansing/front cleansing/air dryer/auto cleansing function will not operate if the seat locking mode is on.
MOVE - The posterior or feminine wash nozzle automatically moves back and forth to clean broad area gently in Move mode.
DRY CONTROL - Temperature-adjustable dry air will guarantee clean and fresh finish after cleaning.
ENGINEERED FOR YOUR SAFETY - The water proof designed unit and control panel prevents water damage to product.
Self-cleansing Nozzle - The cleaning water will be automatically sprayed to nozzle for 5 seconds before and after using the posterior or feminine wash nozzle.
HEATED SEAT - The warm seat improves seat comfort.
MUTE MODE - The button beeps can be turned off if it is necessary.
NOZZLE CLEANING - The nozzle will be extended to the maximum length for nozzle cleaning.
SELF-TESTING - The LED on the bidet seat flashes and the alarm is turned on if the problem is detected.


Water pressure: 0.11 MPa - 0.68 MPa
Product Dimension: 525 mm (W) x 530mm (D) x 142 mm (H)
Seat Dimension: 342 mm (W) x 520mm (D) x 140-195 mm (Between Holes)
Weight (NET) 5.7 kg - 6.3 kg
Warm water temperature adjustment: 4 levels (off: room temperature, low: < 33 Degree Celsius , medium: 36 Degree Celsius , high: 39 Degree Celsius)
Cistern Capacity: 1 L
Warm air temperature control: 3 Levels
Timing: Air dryer 2 mins
Seat temperature control (after seating) 4 levels (off: room temperature, low: < 34 Degree Celsius, medium: 37 Degree Celsius, high: 40 Degree Celsius)
Power consumption: Peek Draw 800W $40/year per user

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