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Cleanlet Bidet 300 series, control panel attached to the unit
  • Cleanlet Bidet 300 series, control panel attached to the unit

Cleanlet Bidet 300 series, control panel attached to the unit




The Cleanlet Bidet is designed with the highest levels of hygiene and personal cleanliness in mind.
Using a simple range of controls, the Cleanlet Bidet uses an adjustable stream of warm water for cleansing, before drying with a flow of warm air, that ensures a thoroughly hygienic experience with settings that can be adjusted to your preference.
Fits most pants
Suitable for young and old
Touch button control
Ease of use
Warm water wash
Variable water pressures
Warm air dry
Variable air temperatures
Heated seat
Manual or Remote control models
Soft Close seat & lid Benefits
Assists people who cannot manage their personal hygiene by themselves
Child safety feature
Retains independence and dignity and make life easier
This nozzle has three jets providing cleaning of the anal area.
The water temperature can be preset
Assists in controlling urinary tract infections
Assists in the relief of mild constipation
Eliminates the use of toilet paper for those loose bowels or skin problems and find wiping uncomfortable
Wash function has six jets of water for vaginal washing.
The water pressure is milder with increased volume of water.
The need for wiping is eliminated.


To further assist, it is possible to fit a spacer under the Cleanlet bidet to give added height.
Also available is a specially designed Bariatric frame consisting of hand rails to give support and added width.
The Cleanlet Bidet is specially manufactured with integrated back flow prevention to ensure compliance with New Zealand plumbing regulations without the need for additional external devices
The Cleanlet Bidet can accommodate persons up to 150 kg.
Cleanlet 300 Manual Control #ZE1F 302269

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