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Bellman Pro Alarm Clock
  • Bellman Pro Alarm Clock

Bellman Pro Alarm Clock



Flash Alarm Clock Pro BE1370, digital alarm clock with flash light and vibrating pad.

The PRO alarm clock will wake you with an extra loud sounding alarm, bright flashes, and vibrations from a bed/pillow shaker. It is easy to use and packed with clever features like night light, backup battery, telephone jack, and an external trigger input. It is ideal for people with hearing impaired, deaf or even sleepy. Perfect for any level of hearing.


Extra strong alarm: gradually increases up to 100 dB
Bright sparkles High intensity light (flash): includes 4 LED lights that flash intermittently
Night light: guides of light that will serve you to return to the bed at night.
Powerful bed shaker-
Night light beacon
Vibrating disc-(included)
Snooze Alarm Repeater-Yes, between 2 and 9 minutes.
Auxiliary input: Availability to connect to the light sensor (sold separately)
Ideal-Dessert. Very attractive design.
Pillow Vibrator: Vibrate while you sleep
Phone input: will wake you up with incoming calls
Auxiliary input: possibility to connect the mobile light sensor
Backlight intensity adjustable in 5 steps
Backlight is activated by the repeat button
Alarm timeout: 20 minutes
The decrease in repetition time interval of 9 to 2 minutes
Dimmer: The display backlight can be individually adjusted with a push-button (4 steps)
Vibrating cushion with alarm: The vibrating pad (included) is placed in the head pillow case and arouses you by powerful vibrations and an alarm sound heard by the head pillow
TOP: Wake-up / Snooze with time interval adjustment (so that your bed neighbour is not disturbed)
Power failure protection: The power failure protection guarantees a complete function in case of power failure (easy battery change by removable battery compartment cover)
Backup battery: keeps running even during a power failure
External alarm (for example, foot mat)
Integrated telephone connection
Connection for power supply


4 rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries
Size: 121 x 92 x 108 mm
Housing dimensions: 120 x 150 x 120 mm (H x L x W)
Weight: 390 g
Set includes: Alarm clock Pro BE1370, Vibrating disc BE1272, 4 rechargeable AAA batteries, Power supply, Manual
Time / wake-up time setting by means of 2 side turn buttons
Brightness setting of background lighting
Optional 12 or 24 hour display
Combination possibilities Alarm
Flashlight + vibration + sound
Flashlight + sound

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