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Buddi Alarm System
  • Buddi Alarm System

Buddi Alarm System




GPS Personal location alarm and fall detector. Buddi enables independence and confidence for the individual, whilst offering their family and carer piece of mind and reassurance with support from 24/7 alert monitoring service.


Useful for: Anyone living or traveling alone or at risk of a fall; Anyone who might need help at the press of a button or interested in their daily activity and sleep patterns; Someone whose family want to be a button press away or Someone who might lose their way when out and about.
Push button Emergency alarm
Automatic Fall alert
Use in the shower
Location finder
Safe Places - Buddi can be set to alert emergency contacts if the wearer has gone somewhere they shouldn't.
Family alerts
24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre
Simple and easy to use
Activity and sleep monitor - Your buddi enables you to view your activity throughout the day and night (requires the wristband to be worn at all times).
By wearing the wristband 24 hrs a day, providing it is within range of the clip, help is always there at the touch of a button.
If you press the alert buttons for help, or if the system detects that you may have fallen, our 24hr monitoring service can find information about your location, talk to you to establish the kind of assistance you require, and notify your emergency contacts.
You or your emergency contacts can set expected activity levels, safe places and speed alerts to personalise your alerts to suit your lifestyle.


CLIP: provided with emergency button alert, GPS Locator, Two-way Audio, Safe Zones
WRISTBAND is: comfortable to use, waterproof (IP67), is provided with emergency Button Alert and In-built fall detector.
DOCK has a User-Friendly Charger and visualize the RF Beacon, Battery Status, Find My Clip

Weekly cost of subscription is $14.95 and is invoiced monthly

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